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      Regional Commissioner Office,Mysuru

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    Regional Commissioner

    Dr G.C.Prakash, I.A.S
    Dr G.C.Prakash I.A.S

    About Regional Commissioner office

    High View, built in 1894 in a prevailing 15 acres of land is a storied period building with a vast garden setting. It was the residence of Col.T.J.Mc. Gann, during 1920s. Since 1956 it has housed the Office of the Divisional Commissioner, Mysuru Division and at present it has housed the Office of the Regional Commissioner, Mysuru Revenue Division. Heavy columned trellised porticos, perforated parapets of varied design, gabled roof, wood worked chajjas and wooden louvered windows, typical features of period bungalows are seen here.

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    Regional Commissioner office

    Regional Commissioner Office, Mysuru