The office of Regional Commissioner has the following functions.

    ( As per the Government order no: RD 09 BMM 2003 Bangalore Dated: 08-09-2005.)

    1.  Maintenance of staff, development, training and Human resources of Revenue Department.
    2. District, Sub-division, Taluk, Hobli and Village level maintenance of Revenue accounts, Revenue Audit, Annual Inspections, surprise inspections and review and annual Jamabandi.
    3. The Powers of earlier post of Divisional Commissioner under different Acts and Rules, Statutory appeal and review powers.
    4. Registration and stamp duty, Land Survey and Land records, Supervision and administrative Control of Muzrai Offices.
    5. Inspecting Authority: Inspection of subordinate offices as regards their functioning as per law, Government instructions and related orders.
    6.  Supervision of natural disasters and drought relief works, their control and crop cutting experiments and waiver of Land revenue.
    7. Supervision of election work.
    8.  Land Grants, Land Acquisition, Land Reforms, Land Revenue Recovery, Land Survey and supervision of Computerization of Revenue Department.
    9. Release of grants to District offices, Sub-divisions and Taluk offices, preparation of Annual Budget, preparing answers to the questions of State Legislative Assembly and State Legislative Council, submission of reports to Legislative Sub Committees and review of pendency of Revenue Court Cases.
    10. Periodic review of development programs of different Government departments.
    11. To initiate remedial action for short fall in achievement of physical and financial targets, discussions with Heads of Departments, Secretaries/Principal Secretaries for necessary action.
    12. In addition, inspection of Development Departments, review if necessary.

      The above is illustrative and not exhaustive.